About Page Fire Protection Ltd

Page Fire Protection Ltd is unique in the fire protection industry; in that we operate a family run business with the sole intention of providing a cost effective yet efficient, professional and personal service to all our clients.

Our company was formed in 1984 by one of our principal directors, Tom Page BA (Hons) who has worked in the fire sprinkler industry for over 40 years. Tom started out as a design engineer/draughtsman with the founders of fire protection, Mather & Platt Ltd in 1968, moving on to become a fire engineering surveyor with the Royal Insurance Group for many years.

We are immensely proud of the fact that throughout those years we have maintained a good working relationship will all of the UK's leading fire insurers and fire insurance brokers, providing our Inspection/Report Service, Weekly Testing Service, Fire Extinguisher Service and Sprinkler Installation Valve service works to many of their most valued clients.

Why not give us a call, or Email us today to discuss any sprinkler installation works or problems you may have in connection with your sprinkler system?