We have many clients, building owners and tenants, who inherit sprinkler Installations, sometimes with complex pumped water supplies, who have little time or expertise to be able to test them in the manner their fire insurers demand.

Sadly, its a fact that failure to properly carry out and record weekly sprinkler Installation tests is in direct contravention of your fire insurer's usual requirements and could have the effect of invalidating any fire insurance claim you may make.

This is where Page Fire Protection Ltd is able to solve all your problems. As former fire Insurance engineering surveyors our company provides a weekly testing service to many of our clients, giving them the expertise and peace of mind that full compliance with their insurance policy requirements are being met. 

We also provide, as part of our weekly testing service, "Sprinkler Installation Weekly Test Cards", which are completed each week following our on-site tests and returned to your fire insurers, or fire insurance brokers, at each year end.

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